I wish I had a Pensieve

Its 2am and I’m awake as usual.

Today has been a weird day, not sure whether good or bad, but I think its a been a bit bad. A friend turns 21 today, I feel so old! The last 4 years have gone so quickly since I finished my GCSEs, I never thought I would be still doing my A Levels. I’m not sure the way I’m feeling today that I want to go back to my A Levels, there are so many reasons but the main reason is I’m so tired of trying so hard and not getting anything back. Being determined isn’t enough it seems. So what is the point?

I haven’t discussed other things on this blog, but those other things which I may or may not talk about on here are contributing alot to what took place today basically the cause of it all.

Hmm I think I will come and post again soon once I know how to write how I’m feeling about things down properly.

Simi x