A Levels Induction and annoying wheezes

I had A Level induction last Wednesday (09/09) and Thursday (10/09), it went OK it was rather boring though. It was mainly paperwork, speeches, taster lessons etc. I got my proper timetable on Thursday; it seems a bit better than I thought it was originally. Monday and Wednesday I finish in the afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday I start in the afternoon, Friday I have a full day 9am til 4.45pm. The people I’ve met so far seem nice, unfortunately I’m a bit worried about the personal tutor I have been given, she was very reluctant to allow me to take A Levels due to asthma; it took a lot of persuasion for her to allow me to enrol onto the course. After the first day of Induction I felt like giving up the course, mainly due to the reasons I haven’t disclosed on this blog as of yet and asthma. However speaking to some of my friends I have agreed to at least attempt the course.

Tomorrow well actually today (!) (14/09) I begin my A Level lessons, I just have Sociology tomorrow. I am a bit concerned about Sociology in that it seemed quite boring and the teacher seemed to waffle a lot when I had the taster lesson last week, I took Sociology because I did well at A Level Psychology so took it thinking maybe I would have an easier time with it as well as the fact my other subjects are regarded as more difficult. Human Biology looks interesting; my tutor is also my Biology teacher..eek. Chemistry is the one that concerns me the most, it is full of Maths (not my strong point), I haven’t done that well with it before, it is arguably one of the hardest A Levels you can take and add to that my college doesn’t have a high pass rate in it.

My asthma hasn’t really been too bad lately, I’ve managed to stick to using my nebuliser 4-6 hourly plus inhaler as needed and occasional back to back nebs for mini-attacks, however over the last few days its got a bit worse, not bad enough for me to go into hospital but enough for me needing to neb 2-4 hourly. I need to have back to back nebs a bit more now as mini attacks are becoming frequent. I have put my Prednisolone up so I’m hoping it will settle down with that and increased nebs. I have had a difficult week, a lot of stress and also my hayfever has been playing up more than usual, I think this is why my asthma has got a bit worse.

I got some not-so-good news last week which I was half expecting but still quite upsetting, due to this and lack of sleep etc I have been quite short tempered, irrational, snappy etc this week. I feel really guilty about it, especially when I know there are people in worse situations than me. It also isn’t fair on my friends who are trying to help me.

On Saturday (19/09) I am (hopefully!) going to London again for another Asthma UK Youth Forum meeting, it will be nice to see some of my friends who attend those meetings. πŸ™‚ So that is something to look forward to. Another friend recently had a baby last month so I may go and see her and her little girl this week if I get the time, though I might not be able to catch her in time as she goes back to the city she lives in at the end of the week.

Right well I better go to bed and try and get some sleep (not likely to happen!) I need to be awake at 7am.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ I hadn’t realised I wrote such a long entry, almost like an essay!