Sooo I’m doing my Human Biology homework and it is so dull and there is so much to write! I’m shattered but its in for tomorrow so I have to keep going! Argh!

I’m procrastinating online oops while also doing my work, I’ve nearly finished it now though. I haven’t been up to much since I last updated. When did I last update? *looks* oh Wednesday, not much has happened.

As usual I am not sleeping til 2-3am and it leaves me shattered for college as I only get about 3-4 hours of sleep not including night time awakenings because of my asthma. Unfortunately I keep having microsleeps during lessons in particular during Sociology lessons.

I have quite a productive cough at the moment but I don’t think its a chest infection its just irritating as its making me wheezy and short of breath, but nebs are helping so its all good. 🙂
I have an appointment with my consultant on Thursday (01/10/09) I’m really really not looking forward to it again, I always feel nervous before seeing my consultant because I worry about he will say. I especially don’t like going when I’m particularly symptomatic like I am at the moment as I’m not sure what he will say. And I hate doing Spirometry as it is exhausting and I feel a bit rough asthma-wise afterwards.

I have realised lately that I have been quite naive about some people in my life, I still regard them as friends but some of them have not been truthful with me. Or else I feel like I am used and taken advantage of because they think I’m an easy target. This is a bit upsetting as I feel I try hard to maintain my friendships, but it often feels with some people however much you try they will never realise what their actions etc are doing to you. I sometimes wonder why I bother with some of these friends as they will never know how much they mean to me because they don’t see it. Maybe its time to just focus on what I need to do in other areas of my life instead of trying to be there for these people who neither appreciate it or stab me in the back. I say this but I’m not brave/mean/harsh enough to cut these people out, when they want someone to talk to, someone to listen, I’ll still be there to do exactly that..


One thought on “Procrastinating!!

  1. wheezy tux says:

    Focus on yourself. Your the number one. Dint let people take advantage of you. If they are not beng truthful to you then they are not good enough people to be your friends. I dont want to see you get hurt. You are a great friend. keep smiling.

    WT x

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