Whoop it is October! 2009 has gone amazingly fast! College is going well so far, I had a progress review today and from it I’ve decided I need to work on Maths for Chemistry and time management in general.

I was having pretty much having a good day until this afternoon, when I started feeling a bit rubbish asthma wise, my nebuliser itself wasn’t functioning properly and my mum wasn’t answering her phone so I couldn’t ask her to bring a new mask and neb chamber kit to college. Anyway I tried to make do with my inhaler it wasn’t really helping and to make things worse it had run out (I had only started it on Friday) I tried to get through Human Biology but in the end my classmates started making comments about my breathing and asking if I was OK which made me get kind of emotional and I started crying because I really didn’t want to attract attention to myself, I left the lab and went to ring my mum again and I told her what happened and said she’d come up and take me home a bit earlier to take me to the GP (my GP is 5 minute walk away) so I did that. I had a couple of nebs through Oxygen as my Oxygen saturations had dropped a little bit but I felt much better and though still rather wheezy my GP agreed to let me go home as long as I neb frequently and promise to get help if things get worse, I have also been started on antibiotics as they thought that maybe a chest infection might be why I haven’t been doing great lately, however I think it is down to a cold. I feel really embarrassed and a bit upset about what happened today; I have been quite happy at college so far, I’ve fitted in well I’ve made some good friends and I’ve got used to it, but now I’m worried that because of what happened it might change how people think of me.

I went to see my consultant on Thursday (01/10/09), not much happened; my results of an IgE blood test for allergy towards a range of nuts came back; I am allergic to basically all nuts, some which showed a severe allergy compared to other nuts. So I’m allergic to the following nuts: Peanut, Walnut, Hazel, Almond, Brazil and a couple of others which I can’t remember! I did Spirometry, as expected it wasn’t pleasant and I don’t think it went well. I am supposed to see my consultant every 2 weeks but there was an error last time and it was delayed by 4 weeks so I’ve been told to contact my consultant’s secretary if my appointment is rearranged like that again.

Can’t think of anything else to write! Umm I will try to update soon.

Simi x


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