Half Term! :D :s :/ :)

I have been on half term this week, I go back to college tomorrow eeek! So I promised myself I would study all the way through the week.- Didn’t happen. Something kept coming up or else I was too tired to get on with it. I am really disappointed with myself. So while I will have managed to get homework out of the way I feel like I haven’t got wanted I wanted to out of half term. I have exams in January so I have approximately 2 months to consolidate everything I have learnt to be prepared for my exams. And of course there is Christmas in December so I will probably lose a week of revision. I’m going to have to be really firm with myself and get studying because these exams are so important.

Positives of half term have been that I have organised my college work even if I haven’t managed to get college work done, caught up with some friends, spent some extra time with my mum and resting I guess. 🙂

There was an incident the other night, I was up around 1am talking to my friend on the phone and we have these double doors in our living room which lead directly outside into a garden area well the blinds were closed apart from a largish crack because there was there was a chair against the door well to cut the long story short; a man was staring at me, I don’t know how long he was standing there for looking at me right against the glass. He made direct eye contact with me but he didn’t leave I started shouting and he didn’t move, I woke my mum up and as soon as he realised I wasn’t alone he went. I felt quite vulnerable after this happened and couldn’t get to sleep til around 5am because I was worried he would come back. It made me wonder whether it was the person who had stolen my laptop.

Simi x


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