Just some thoughts :)

On Tuesday we got results from this IQ test thing based on GCSEs and an aptitude test, no one was predicted above a C, I was predicted DDD on average. So yeah it was disappointing, especially as when I did my GCSEs I was in and out of hospital and was in High Dependency Unit for some of my exams. So while I could understand that. my tutor’s comment upset me a little bit, she said anyone who is predicted Ds from that test is very unlikely if at all to go on to get As and she essentially said there wasn’t any point me pursuing Medicine as a career based on that test. Since September, I have done consistently well in Sociology (working at an A grade), Human Biology (working at an A/B grade) and Chemistry is going better than I thought it would be going but haven’t been formally marked on it yet. So her saying this has made me feel like why are you saying this when you know I am doing OK studies wise? Should I give up on something I am so determined to do? Am I wasting my time? It makes me a little angry too as she obviously doesn’t realise how determined I am to be a doctor. I am a bit worried to be posting this and then finding her to be right because it will be a ‘ I told you so’ kind of thing but I feel I need to get it off my chest.

I am actually starting to understand the cell biology stuff in Human Biology, so hopefully if I keep working at it I will be fine. I am still finding Sociology a bit boring but I like the lesson debates. We are doing a lot of theory work in Chemistry at the moment which is fine but gets a little confusing sometimes cos there is a lot of overlap. I need to begin revising everything now.

My exams all fall in my birthday week including one on my birthday!
Tuesday 12th January 2010- Human Biology
Thursday 14th January 2010- Chemistry
Friday 15th January 2010- Sociology (My birthday!)

So I have about 7 weeks of revision time, which I don’t think is very long and I am annoyed I haven’t started exam revision earlier.

I am doing OK asthma-wise this week apart from nights being a bit worse than usual, but thats the way it goes!

I have so much to do over the next couple of weeks, I’ve arranged to meet up with friends several times some of whom have returned home from uni, I need to of course revise, I agreed to write a few paragraphs about the asthma conference for Asthma Magazine which I need to do ASAP, buy christmas presents and write cards umm what else?…

My friend said something today which made me think, why do we focus so much on the negative things? We are only given so much in life that we can personally cope with, why can’t we focus on what we can do and not on what we can’t do? It feels very defeatist. Our illnesses and difficulties in life don’t make us who we are, it is how we deal with them. I have some amazing friends who try so hard not to let asthma (of any severity) and other conditions get in the way of their lives, they inspire me to just get on with things and to power through. We only have this life why don’t we live it to the full?

take care, simi x


4 thoughts on “Just some thoughts :)

  1. wheezy tux says:

    Simi, dont let what your tutor said get you down. Just prover her wrong. You will get there you are determined. You could have given up when you ahd to do your exams in hospital but you didnt because you want to achieve something. Just keep looking forward. And I agree with the last paragraph too. Often we focus on what we cant do. Im going to take heed and focus on what I can do.
    Hugs xx

  2. Simi says:

    Thank you Olive πŸ™‚ I will keep going, I won’t give up πŸ™‚

    Of course it is important to know what we can’t do but I think its important not to let that rule our lives, some days it will inevitably, but when I can I want to try to do whatever a young person my age can do within reason. I know you are the same too.


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