college :)

I have started revising for January exams now, there is only about 6 weeks left now so I think they are going to be very busy with cramming everything I have learnt since September until now so that is about 3 months worth of work to be crammed in 6 weeks. That sounds quite daunting. But I’m going to try and not let it faze me too much and revise it all properly.

I had quite a good week at college, we have finally moved away from the cell biology and onto things that actually do seem more like Human Biology, we did a dissection of sheep’s heart, played around with stethoscopes listening to each other’s hearts beating and did each other’s blood pressure readings but mine was high because everyone kept trying to me laugh and you’re not meant to laugh. Oops.
In Chemistry we did several practicals which were a nice break from the theory lessons from the past few weeks. I strongly suspect some of my classmates are pyromaniacs as they seem to enjoy burning stuff as well exploding stuff they shouldn’t be!
I have a bit of homework to do tonight and I need to write some paragraphs for Asthma Magazine which I still haven’t done 2 weeks later eek.

Asthma has been playing up a bit this week especially at night and in the morning, but it’s nothing major so I just need to have nebs more often I think.

So this is quite a short update I think compared to some previous entries. 🙂

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