First week of A2

So this week I was meant to start A2 lessons instead of starting in September… except it seems it’s going to be starting in September as this week has been on the whole pointless at college.

Tuesday’s (15/06) Human Biology lesson was cancelled so we started on Friday (18/06) only to be told we would be doing practical skills etc in preparation for A2. We did a practical where we test the quality of water from various beaches (except there aren’t any beaches where I live!) and I found it quite stressful because it was all about using Aseptic Technique because we had to do everything in a very sterile way because we were trying to find the amount of bacteria in each sample. We had to transfer samples using a pipette and pipette filler which I find very difficult despite having to use these in Chemistry as they enable a precise amount of a substance to be measured up but it’s difficult to get it to the line on the pipette as well as the problem of air bubbles or actually breaking the pipette. As well as ensuring all the surfaces are regularly disinfected, washing hands and changing gloves regularly which was irritating my Eczema. And I messed up the bit where we had to fill the agar plates with the samples as my hands were really shaky and I spilt it so that means one of my results won’t be as accurate grrr.

Wednesday’s (16/06) Chemistry lesson got cancelled and we were told that we would not be starting A2 till September and will be doing experiments until we finish in July. On Friday (18/06)  we did a practical and to be honest I felt a bit lost and nearly made an apparently dangerous mistake. We were meant to add a drop of a substance to another solution drop by drop and maintain the temperature below 10°C and I was a bit unsure at the time what to do as I was feeling a bit frazzled from a wheezy coughyness episode after inhaling some fumes of one of the substances. Anyway I add more than a few drops than I should have and my solution’s temperature rapidly rises and I don’t have enough ice in my beaker to cool it down and everyone says that that could potentially be explosive… oops? I manage to rescue it by rapidly cooling it by finding a big box of ice and then start tediously adding drop by drop and eventually finish that part then I had to desiccate my solution by filtrating it and collecting the solid powdery type substance and phew! I put it on the trolley and went home I was so tired on Friday because the two experiments were more challenging than I had expected, I thought we would be just going over AS practicals for practice.

During Chemistry our teacher was asking everyone what they are planning to apply to study at university; when I said I wanted to do Medicine it felt like he was trying to put me off it by saying everyone who applies for Medicine has at least 5 A Levels at grade A etc and said that he thinks it would be very difficult for people from my college to get a place at medical school, but my other friend who wants to do Medicine or Maths it felt like he wasn’t as negative about her despite my grades being much better so far than her’s so that’s a bit hmmm. I think it’s because I’m not a very outwardly confident person and I’m quite hesitant when I volunteer answers etc in class but my friend is very outgoing and comes across as a very intelligent person and it’s not that she isn’t but it seems like he’s been judging us by our covers and I felt a bit gutted and unsure. I know I want to study Medicine and be a doctor more than anything, but I’m so fed up some people of not having faith in me, some people do but it feels like the people who are meant to have faith in me, don’t.

I’m still feeling so tired; I had a nap from 2pm till 6pm yesterday and still didn’t feel any less tired, maybe it will take time? It’s not like me, so I’m not sure if something is wrong.


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