Good and Bad

I had my final progress review of the year today with my college tutor, it was fairly useful but also a bit annoying too. She is also my Human Biology teacher and she said that she has predicted me a grade B for A Level Human Biology and that she had not predicted anyone above a B. So my informal A2 predictions stand as:

A* Sociology
A Chemistry
B Human Biology

Now I’m a bit annoyed and disappointed as ideally I need to be predicted at least AAA to have my application for Medicine considered so I guess I will need to look into it, I should be able to make an application to my first choice university luckily. But I do understand why she feels that way as no one in our class has like really demonstrated to her that they can get an A, even the person who is like a super genius and got straight As in their other subjects came out with a B in January. *Also she informed me that if you have resat any exams you are not eligible for the A* grade, so that means the highest grade I can get in Chemistry and Human Biology is an A but as I have not done any resits for Sociology (hopefully anyway!) and my January mark being 98% (you need 90% in A2 to get the A* grade) I could get an A* in it providing I work hard at it.

The resit thing my tutor said is apparently wrong “you get an A* (as it stands) by getting at least 80% overall, with your A2 units averaging at 90%. That can include as many resits as possible within the two years 🙂 Your AS grade has no effect on the A* basically” thanks Becca for correcting me 🙂

She was surprisingly more supportive of my intention of apply for Medicine than I had expected her to be so this was a good thing, but also I said that I need to be realistic about where I apply; I am determined to study Medicine whichever way possible whether direct or the graduate entry way. My GCSEs are not good as I was in hospital during some of my exams and all the time in hospital during year 10 and year 11 was disruptive with my grades dropping from the mixture of A*-B grades I was expected to get. So anyway there are a few medical schools I could apply to but because of various factors I need to be close to home and my preferred university is one which is suitable for me distance, course structure and grades wise. Because of this, I’ve decided that even if I apply to these universities and got an offer of a place to study there I doubt I could take it up due to the distance of some of these apart from the my preferred one which is only 35 minutes away by road. So this means I am strongly considering either to just apply to 2 or 3 medicine courses and some other degree courses such as Virology as my 4th and 5th choice on my application or just putting all my eggs in one basket and apply to my preferred university only to study Medicine.

Anyway to the point, I have decided to go ahead with application for Medicine, and will be doing various bits of voluntary work and hopefully work experience in a hospital. This will help me write my personal statement for my application as right now I really have no idea what to write and the deadline is 15th October.


4 thoughts on “Good and Bad

  1. Becca1 says:

    The resit thing is wrong- you get an A* (as it stands) by getting at least 80% overall, with your A2 units averaging at 90%. That can include as many resits as possible within the two years 🙂 Your AS grade has no effect on the A* basically.

    Good luck with the medicine application 🙂 you’ll be a fabby doctor x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey Simi,
    I do read your blog intermittently (Emily from AUK) thru Olive’s.
    Please please please don’t listen to your teacher re AAAAA for medicine. Absolute rubbish!!
    You are well on track for a med school place looking at your predicted grades. Please send me a post on AUK if you want some help re application. I will pm you my email address. More than happy to help. Its only been one year since i finished med school so think my knowledge is fairly up to date!
    Sorry for the jump in comment but don’t want you to not do medicine if its what you dream of xx

  3. Simi says:

    Hi Emily, thank you for your comment, I just got your PM and I think I will be in touch if you don’t mind that is about my application. 🙂

    And congratulations on completing med school! xx

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