Productive July :)

It’s been a little while since I last updated. The summer school I went to was so so good, I had the best time. I could go on and on about how much I liked the Medicine course, the university and everything else. I actually felt like if I was fortunate enough to get a place there next year that they would try to ensure its a smooth as possible a transition as possible, they said the enablement service would look at things that I might need to help me cope better with uni for example, ground floor accommodation. I got to stay in student halls and it wasn’t scary at all :p (I had a worry about locking my door) The programme itself was really useful and has made me rethink how I’d go about completing my application if I do reapply this September for Medicine. The funny thing is that I was kind of hoping this programme would put me off Medicine but if anything it’s sort of made me feel even more enthusiastic about it and more sure than ever that this is what I want to do in life, I’m smiley just thinking about it! 🙂 🙂

I’ve applied for voluntary work and I’m really looking forward to everything getting sorted so I can get started with it. There are 2 particular voluntary work placements I am keen on doing but I’ll wait and see what they can offer me. I want to be able to get on with a possible university application but I feel like I’m in a bit of a limbo at the moment because everything depends on results really and I’m getting sort of bogged down thinking about exams and results. It makes it a bit hard to make plans, I either want to know results right now or I want it to be ages away but instead it is about 3 weeks away and I have a horrible sick feeling about it. 😦

I went to see dermatology last week and it was productive in both a good and bad way. I have new treatment; topical immunosuppressants, new topical steroids and… dressings. I can cope with the idea of topical creams, ointments etc but not dressings. It’s stupid because I had dressings and bandages when I was a child for years and coped so it should be a breeze but I just feel a bit gutted that it has come to that again. They’re Comfifast easywrap garments which they said would be better/easier rather than the Tubifast tubular dressings I used to have as a child, I took the dressings out of the boxes and I just found it hard to look at them let alone use them. I also sort of feel like I have been left to it with the dressings whereas as a child and as a family we were supported with it. I was given a lot of verbal instructions but nothing written but then maybe that is my own fault for not asking/writing them down myself. I can’t bring myself to use them because they remind me of the bad times and I can’t really take the idea of even using them in the very short term. I’m sure if I just bit the bullet and put them on it would be OK and right now it’s the thinking about it that’s making it worse as well as the weather being really warm the idea of wearing dressings 24 hours a day is not pleasant. I also have antibiotics again because they said something about patients with eczema being vulnerable to infection. I was offered oral immunosuppressants which unsurprisingly I declined given as in the past I have been reluctant to consider them in the use of managing my asthma, it has given me food for thought though in that if both asthma and eczema wise things didn’t improve then there is clearly something which has been standing out as a treatment option for some time and perhaps I cannot continue to ignore/decline it.

I’ve kind of forgot what else I have done as it’s been quite a busy month. Busy is good because I’m less likely to mope around and I have less time to think. I’ve been meeting up with friends who are home from uni etc and visiting the lovely Emma while she was in hospital for her subcut Terbutaline trial. Oh and went shopping for the day with Emma and the equally lovely Annie, Annie introduced us to the most amazing pretzels ever though as I’ve not had soft pretzels before I would be biased!

Anyway! I think it is time for me to go to sleep now or at least attempt to…!

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